Alisa Ahmann by Greg Kadel for Numero September 2014

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A swinging Alisa Ahmann is captured by Greg Kadel for Numero September 2014. September equals swinging sixties. One magazine after the other is revealing their sixties inspired editorial, and by the looks of Numéro’s September cover, it came as no surprise to us that a ‘Swinging London’ story would be featured, all though don’t get us wrong, we are loving the sixties influences, finally we have an excuse for looking twiggy-like in other scenarios then just when playing dress up.

Framed by the talented Greg Kadel, the story captures the behind scenes happenings of the actual shoot, something that we don’t see often, a cleaver and unusual move which definitely pays off! Starring Alisa Ahmann as the ‘IT’ girl, the story features exciting and eye-catching clothing, such as stripy jackets, glitzy dresses, golden boots, oversized sunnies and not to forget the spectacular circus costumes, all thanks to fashion stylist Elizabeth Sulcer. Along with Kadel’s unusual framings in vintage black & whites as well as grainy colors, Numéro’s latest story features everything you would ask from a ‘Swinging London’ story, wildness, heavy make-up, glitzy fashion and rock n roll!



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Text by Marija Filipova
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