Anna Selezneva by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris December 2013

Posted by Sasha.

Chic en Paris! The striking Anna Selezneva goes French in photographer Lachlan Bailey’s story ‘Chambre 19’ for the Vogue Paris December issue.

Covered in pearls, polka dot stockings, lace, extraordinary hats and tied up boots, let’s just say the concept ‘less is more’ can head straight out the window, the Russian Selezneva is presenting everything you could ever ask for and a bit more.

It is one of those shoots where you just can’t help yourself get blown away by the astonishing environment and clothing Anna gets to be a part of, it screams luxury and elegancy joined with a touch of youth, a collaboration set in heaven between photographer Bailey and stylist Géraldine Saglio.

Bailey’s choice to work with both color and black & white shots provides this spread with an even bigger excitement, not to mention the presence of a glammed up Russian, a successful combination in the name of chicness!


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