Aymeline Valade is playing with fire for Numero May 2014

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Txema Yeste lenses Aymeline Valade for his story ‘Fiévre Tropicale’ to feature in the May 2014 issue of Numero Magazine. It is raw with a hint of danger, French beauty Aymeline Valade is seen taking on the colorful set of Yeste whilst delivering a strong and feisty wardrobe. Stylist Belén Casadevall has brought forward some of the strongest and most outspoken leather pieces from the high fashion houses including a pair of ‘Pretty Woman’ like thigh-high boots, a bejeweled a la western styled jacket signed Louis Vuitton and a revealing latex dress.

Framing under vibrant lightening, photographer Txema has once again proven to his audience how far he is willing to push his creativity by playing with visual effects where Miss Valade is exposed in a different manner then what we are used of seeing her in, provocative and thick skinned. Hair stylist Laurent Philippon has created a fierce back slick look for Valade’s hair flow whilst make-up artist Victor Alvarez worked with a seductive red lip to portray Aymeline, the maneater.


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Text by Marija Filipova
Photo: source
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