Garage Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

Posted by Sasha.

Photo Garage Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

Get an insight of Nick Knight’s innovative artistry throughout his creative lensing of the Garage Magazine #6 Spring/Summer 2014 cover starring Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss.

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The supermodels of the 21st century have come through for the latest issue of Garage Magazine. British charmer Cara Delevingne and the American sweetheart Karlie Kloss are both seen covering the inventive magazine when framed by fashion photographer Nick Knight.

Gracing Karlie Kloss with a knitted creation and Cara Delevingne with a nude colored downy top is stylist Charlotte Stockdale, while make-up artist Val Garland enhanced Cara’s bushy eyebrows and Karlie’s pout. Responsible for the wild and outrageous hairdos is the brilliant Sam McKnight who unquestionably embodied Knight’s playful vision.


Photo Garage Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

Text by Marija Filipova