Numero April 2014 presents the free spirited Mica Arganaraz

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mica-arganaraz-numero-april-2014-1The Argentinian newcomer, Mica Arganaraz is captured by Billy Kidd for the April 2014 issue of Numeró Magazine. Taking on the American motel scenery, model Mica is looking her part as the untamed boho chick when lensed through a black & white filter by the brilliant photographer Billy Kidd. Fashion stylist Charles Varenne has brought the cut off denims to attention along with leather tops and denim shirts to grace the slender figure of Mica.

Adding a rock’s’roll edge to Mica’s brunette dome is hairstylist Michael Long whilst make-up artist Shane Paish has added some dark shades under Mica’s eyes to fulfill the intriguing look.


mica-arganaraz-numero-april-2014-2 mica-arganaraz-numero-april-2014-3 mica-arganaraz-numero-april-2014-4 mica-arganaraz-numero-april-2014-5

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