Sasha, Lexi & Maartje by Karl Lagerfeld for Numero September 2014

Posted by Sasha.


Karl Lagerfeld frames the new breed of supermodels for the Numéro September 2014 issue. The in-demand models of the moment, Lexi Boling, Sasha Luss and Maartje Verhoef are framed by fashion’s best-dressed man and creative director for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Representing the ‘Pop Culture’ issue of Numéro, the lookers are taking on a black & white set, featuring hypnotic floorings and matching backgrounds, pretty much the iconic prints of the swinging sixties.

Fulfilling the retro theme, fashion stylist Vanessa Metz brought forward several exciting pieces including space ships shoulder pads for Miss Luss and a fishnet dress made of circular mini mirrors for Boling. Besides these little numbers, the story also features patent knee-high boots (a must for the sixties), clean-cut dresses and a bejeweled two-piece worn by Lexi. Considering Lexi’s and Sasha’s rising stardom, the ladies are given two covers each, whilst Dutch beauty Maartje is working her very first magazine cover when lensed alongside her colleagues for the issue’s final cover.


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Text by Marija Filipova