Alisa Ahmann & Stephanie Joy Field for Vogue Germany September 2014

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Emma Summerton captures Alisa Ahmann & Stephanie Joy Field for Vogue Germany September 2014. Here’s to the new kids on the block! Newcomers, Ahmann and Joy Field are showing off their model goods in Summerton’s latest caption ‘The Big Easy’. Featuring statement pieces from fashion’s elite including Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Prada and Céline, the story goes from one crazy outfit to another. With the creative touches from fashion stylist Patti Wilson, the rookies are presenting several unique looks, keeping one thing in common, that ‘more is more’. Knee length socks and chunky shoes are a must, then it is all about the ‘add on´s’ everything from romantic lace to bulky knits and fluffy furs, the wilder, the better!

Hair stylist Rutger graced Stephanie in a dark short mane whereas he seemed to have had quite the bleach party with Stephanie’s hair, creating a feisty blonde/orange/fiery color which adds to Summerton’s somewhat outrageous vision. In charge of make-up is Marla Belt who kept the looks on a raw level by adding rosé and brown shades around the model’s innocent gazes.


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