Anmari Botha goes lady chic for Tatler Hong Kong June 2014

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Fashion photographer Raul Docasar lenses Anmari Botha for the June 2014 issue of Tatler Hong Kong. His typical way of framing involves a high amount of drama, but for the Tatler shoot Raul took a step outside his own box and instead delivered a simple, pure and elegant story. The good-looking blonde, Miss Botha is captured whilst delivering some of the most charming couture of the season including feminine shapes and delicate textures. Together with the brilliant work from fashion stylist Justine Lee, Raul’s story embodies tenderness and a womanly spirit.

Make-up artist Dunja Schultze has chosen to work with bronzing tones around Miss Botha’s eyes, which she has matched with either a nude or a bright red lip, whilst hair stylist Jean Baptiste Santens worked with a minimalistic approach, creating a straight hair do for Anmari’s blonde mane.


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