Aymeline Valade by Damon Baker for S Moda August 2014

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Aymeline Valade is photographed by Damon Baker for S Moda August 2014. Natural and harmonious, looker Valade almost strikes as a mortal when captured by Baker for the latest issue of S Moda (even though she is more likely a goddess then one of us). Framing through a simple and straightforward manner, photographer Damon who is quite keen on adding dramatic features to his pictures has this time chosen to go clean. Instead of wild expressions and high contrasts, Baker went for a completely different approach, all though keeping the same outcome as his former ones, a flawless result!

Fashion stylist Francesca Rinciari has gone high street style bringing forward several pieces including sleeveless coats, tailored trousers and simple blouses all in the minimalistic field and very much so kinder to our wallets, which is always a big plus! Starring the sweet looking Aymeline whose facial features are enhanced by Carol Guzman, Baker’s story feels both effortless and characteristic.


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Text by Marija Filipova
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