Camille Rowe for L’Officiel Paris

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A tomboyish Camille Rowe is taking on the circus scene in photographer Mathieu Cesar’s enigmatic story for L’Officiel Paris December/January 2013/14 issue.

Embrace the greatest hits from the 60’s mod days and spice it up with modern day influences and you got yourself an intriguing and artistic character acted out by Miss Rowe created by the brilliant stylist Alexandra Elbim for the French photographer, Mathieu Cesar’s spread.

Rowe’s long blonde hair has been transformed into a black short bob by hairstylist Guillaume Bérard’s, enhancing make-up artist Lili Choi’s extravagant eye framing, a look well fitted for Elbim’s choice of styling.

Cesar who is known for his incredible black & white photography, stating to The Guardian ‘the world is far more beautiful in black and white’ has truly captured not only Camille Rowe’s charm but also the dazzling essence of the circus spectacles in this imaginative spread.


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