‘Banal Plus’ by Craig McDean for W Magazine August 2014

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Craig McDean shoots Fei Fei Sun, Daiane Conterato, Manuela Frey, Katlin Aas, Grace Mahary, Amanda Murphy and Aymeline Valade for his story ‘Banal Plus’ in W Magazine August 2014. The model mafia is joining forces when framed by photographer legend McDean in a retro shaped environment. Niké socks, clogs, slippers, knits and wool, stylist Edward Enninful has brought forward an autumn inspired wardrobe to star in McDean’s latest caption. From whites and greys to darker browns and blacks, Enninful is by his choice of color scheme reminding us that the colder season is slowly approaching regardless our wishes.

Framed in a seventies themed villa, the models are working a short and sharp hairstyle signed James Pecis and a pale and somewhat mannequin like make made by Fulvia Farolfi. Along with the minimalistic clothing aesthetic and choice of environment, this spread represents exactly what McDean stands for, new thinking and originality.


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