‘Beauty’ by Emma Summerton for Vogue Italia August 2014

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Emma Summerton captures newbies Megan Thompson, Lisa Verberght and Pamela Bernier for Vogue Italia August 2014. Summerton presents the new faces in town through a captivating beauty spread for Vogue Italia. It is all about appearance, make-up artist Francelle and hair stylist Serge Normant are the ones who got it covered! Revealing eight looks where one is different from the other, from plum lips and smoky eyes to porcelain skin and nude kissers along with exciting hair dos, the beauty department didn’t hold back when teaming up with Summerton for her latest caption.

Along with unique and playful fashion from stylist Elin Svahn, including abstract jewelry, voluminous jackets and sturdy leather, Emma’s story reaches sky highs on the beauty scene. Framed in a darker studio setting, Summerton has worked with heavy shadowing, creating a mystic and somewhat provoking factor for her Vogue Italia spread.


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Text by Marija Filipova
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