Esther Heesch by Philip Gay for Vogue Russia September 2014

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Esther Heesch gets lensed by Philip Gay for the September 2014 issue of Vogue Russia. From retro glam chic to a sexy rock’n’rolla, German sweetheart, Miss Heesch is presenting several different looks for Philip’s latest caption, where each represents a specific beauty trend of the upcoming fall season.

Gracing Esther in pretty much everything, from casual up dos to Farrah Fawcett hair and dolled up waves whilst complementing the shoot’s remarkable make-up, is hair stylist Ramona Eschbach. Along with Christine Corbel’s purple pouts, heavy eye makes and extravagant lashes, these two ladies are spoiling us with a generous amount of styles to choose from. With this manual in hand we can go from disco queen to rave goddess all in one night, if we’d so wanted! And if you wonder how to fulfill these looks, look no further, fashion stylist Ekaterina Mukhina has enhanced the beauty department’s every style with a suiting outfit! So what are you waiting for? Time to get jiggy with it!


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Text by Marija Filipova
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