LOEWE’s Fall 2024 Explores Scale and Artistry

In the latest LOEWE Fall 2024 pre-collection campaign, the intriguing interplay of scales and proportions takes center stage, as envisioned by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson. This exploration extends beyond garment construction, entering the realm of visual storytelling, with the campaign set against the whimsical backdrop of the Bekonscot Model Village—the world’s oldest model village, established in 1929.

LOEWE Fall 2024 Campaign

The campaign, lensed by the renowned photographer Juergen Teller, showcases his signature style: a blend of raw, direct, and often humorous elements that captures the essence of LOEWE. The setting in Bekonscot provides a miniature, yet meticulously detailed landscape, where each architectural element and whimsical scenario plays with the concept of scale, bringing an element of surrealism and narrative depth to the images.

LOEWE Fall 2024 Campaign

Featuring a diverse group of artists and creatives who frequently collaborate with LOEWE, this season’s lineup includes notable figures such as Alison Oliver, Archie Madekwe, Dan Levy, Enzo Vogrincic, Kit Connor, Lesley Manville, Sophie Wilde, and 070 Shake, with a special appearance by Jonathan Anderson’s nephew, Alfie Anderson. Each personality brings their unique aura to the campaign, interacting with the scaled-down surroundings in ways that are both playful and contemplative.

The collection itself is a study in the manipulation of form and volume. Oversized bows, stretched shapes, and sculptural drapery interact with iconic LOEWE bags like the Puzzle, Hammock, and newer styles such as the Puzzle Fold tote and the Flamenco Purse—each presented in soft, malleable forms that echo the theme of scale. These pieces are cleverly integrated into the miniaturized settings of Bekonscot, emphasizing their design through dramatic proportion and perspective shifts.

Teller’s photographic approach adds a layer of dry wit to the campaign, merging documentary-style realism with a sculptural sensibility in posing and composition. This artistic choice not only reinforces LOEWE’s vision as a pioneering force in fashion but also infuses the campaign with a sense of enigmatic charm and narrative intrigue, positioning the brand firmly at the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary visual art.

With this campaign, LOEWE continues to define its aesthetic language, merging thoughtful design with impactful imagery that resonates well beyond the confines of traditional fashion advertising.

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