The Reinvention of CHANEL’s 2023/24 Métiers d’Art Collection

Tweed reverberates within the fashion lexicon, not merely as a fabric but as a manifesto of CHANEL‘s enduring allure. The 2023/24 Métiers d’art collection, captured through the lens of Mikael Jansson, offers a pop-infused homage to this textile. Its ethos, rooted in the vibrant beats and suave sophistication of the 1960s, was magnificently showcased in Manchester, embodying a blend of musicality and a flirtatious elegance.

CHANEL's 2024 Métiers d'Art Collection
CHANEL’s 2024 Métiers d’Art Collection

This collection plays with visual storytelling through a series of diptychs, oscillating between the starkness of black and white and the dynamism of color. Models Lulu Tenney, Loli-Bahia, and Alaato Jazyper are the faces of this campaign, each channeling a spirited, contemporary femininity that is quintessentially CHANEL. The contrasts are stark; black and white frames draw out the architectural precision of the outfits—suits, coats, and jackets are given a new dimension with tweed caps from Maison Michel and camellias crafted by Lemarié.

The color images, on the other hand, explore the tactile richness of tweed. Here, the material’s versatility shines through: a jacket in vivacious apple-green with details by flou expert Paloma, a lilac jacket softened with silk cuffs, and an orange coat paired seamlessly with its coordinating bag. Each piece asserts that the tweed suit is not static but a canvas for relentless innovation.

CHANEL's 2024 Métiers d'Art Collection

At the heart of this collection is the dialogue between Creative Director Virginie Viard and the skilled artisans of the Métiers d’art. This interaction is a testament to the collection’s grounding in historical expertise and the audacious spirit of femininity that defines CHANEL today. The campaign not only revisits the brand’s iconic elements but also propels them into a contemporary context, celebrating both heritage and the forward thrust of modern fashion craftsmanship.

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