A.P.C. & SACAI Quilts Round 23

A.P.C. presents the new round of quilts and cushions made by Jessica Ogden with leftovers fabrics from A.P.C. and Sacai.

“Ex Nihilo creations could happen if one is a genius. Us humans, we need a starting point or two in order to create.

In this story there’s a desire of doing something out of fashion – I mean not apparel – and create some automatic writing using fabrics. The other thing is to use staircases as a visual starting point that could lead to metaphors or just beauty. Or hopefully both.” — Jean Touitou.

“Round 23 was inspired by staircase architecture mixed with traditional quilt patterns and borders. The staircases range from the Gio Ponti pool staircase in Sorrento to Jessica’s childhood home spiral staircase that her father built.

This round is also an inspired mix of surplus fabrics of Sacai and A.P.C. Once the concept of staircases for the round was proposed, Chitose immediately got it, the staircases being a metaphor to travel up.

The beauty of these structures is both abstracted and at times very perceptible. The mix of fabrics again show the two companies in “talks” within an object. A.P.C and Sacai fabrics from many different years blended in one quilt.” — Jessica Ogden.

The quilt project is at its core a sustainable proposal from A.P.C.

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