KSENIASCHNAIDER Spring Summer 2024

The Spring Summer 2024 collection by KSENIASCHNAIDER delves into an exploration of diverse and opposing elements, intertwining reflections of bygone eras with groundbreaking innovations. It is a celebration of the brand’s continual evolution, weaving together its rich heritage with forward-thinking designs, offering a refreshing and avant-garde perspective on fashion.

The collection endeavors to showcase innovation, encapsulated by the reflective influences of the past. It’s a symbiotic blend of experimentation and whimsy, giving rise to unique AI-designed denim pieces. Among them, the noteworthy Cossack jeans pay homage to traditional Ukrainian attire, illustrating the brand’s respect for cultural heritage.

Alongside these pieces are meticulously handcrafted knitted skirts and blazers, made using hand yarn denim and created using age-old rug techniques. The collection also features denim sleepwear, emphasizing the versatile use of this timeless fabric.

Special consideration is given to the creation of new celebratory silhouettes, designed with materials reminiscent of drapes, drawing inspiration from Eastern European aesthetics. This attention to detail and aesthetic approach ensures a coherent and distinctive visual narrative throughout the collection.

A notable aspect of the collection is its focus on sustainability and innovation in fabric choice and texture. Pieces like skirts, blazers, and jeans are constructed with jacquard denim and feature a distinctive aged look, thanks to an environmentally friendly dyeing process using recycled finishes.

KSENIASCHNAIDER’s collection is not just a nod to the fashion of the past but a conscious and innovative move towards the future. It holds true to its roots while embracing new technologies and sustainable practices, resulting in a collection that is both sophisticated and refreshing, paving the way for the brand’s continued evolution in the fashion landscape.

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