Isabeli Fontana in a glamorous nature for Vogue China April 2014

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isabeli-fontana-boo-george-vogue-china-2014-1Seems like photographer Boo George took out Isabeli Fontana for a glammed up camping trip when framing his latest story for Vogue China April 2014. Who knew you could go caravanning in a Louis Vuitton feathered hat? Fashion stylist Beat Bolliger didn’t held any strings back when dressing Miss Fontana for the deserted surroundings. Comfort gets thrown out of the window, and instead a graceful and fashion forward Isabeli is presented among the calming nature.

Hair stylist Tomo Jidai and make-up artist Petros Petrohilos shaped several looks for Fontana, from casual to elegant and sparkling, one unique style to complete each significant outfit to present Boo George’s exciting framing of contemporary fashion.


isabeli-fontana-boo-george-vogue-china-2014-2 isabeli-fontana-boo-george-vogue-china-2014-3 isabeli-fontana-boo-george-vogue-china-2014-4 isabeli-fontana-boo-george-vogue-china-2014-5 isabeli-fontana-boo-george-vogue-china-2014-6

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