Jordan Van Der Vyver reveals minimalistic wonders for L’Officiel Paris April 2014

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Daniel Thomas Smith lenses fashion’s newcomer Jordan Van Der Vyver for the April 2014 issue of L’Officiel. With only a few editorials on her resume, South African starlet Jordan Van Der Vyver is one of the most recent additions to today’s fashion scene. This 5’10 looker carries such versatile characteristics, which are suited for both classic and couture themed spreads.

Here seen in the latest issue of L’Officiel Paris styled in Anne-Sophie Thomas’ chosen pieces featuring loose fitted blouses, tailored trousers and multiple blazers, Miss Van Der Vyver and her incredible photogeniqueness proves that she has officially come to stay. Hair stylist Sebastien Le Coroller has worked with a natural approach for Jordan’s hair whilst make-up artist Anthony Preel has enhanced her hypnotizing green eyes with a bronzing color palette, creating a spellbinding look.


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