Juliana Schurig & Carla Ciffoni reveals a modern edge

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Photographer Nick Dorey captures Juliana Schurig and Carla Ciffoni for the summer 2014 issue of i-D Magazine. Contemporary fashion is exposed in the most interesting way possible, fashion stylist Jack Borkett has with the help from his playful vision brought forward an unique and appealing wardrobe which binds the two worlds of simplicity and creativity together. Borkett has successfully delivered a handful of looks that uncovers his take on sporty fashion throughout interesting combinations such as a simple sporty tee along with silver trousers and an intriguing double denim style.

The lookers, Schurig and Ciffoni are framed by Dorey through different angles whilst leaning on printed retro influenced furniture. Make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench has created a captivating story in the name of body paint when enhancing each look with an exciting facial mask, from glitzy silver to white eyelids. Juliana and Carla hasn’t let the make over shine their natural characteristics, instead its bold essence has only enhanced the girl’s natural ‘IT’ factor.

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