Lurve presents the chic Kate Bogucharskaia photographed by Benjamin Vnuk

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Photographer Benjamin Vnuk captures the Russian beauty, Kate Bogucharskaia for his contemporary and intriguing story to feature in Lurve. Lensed in what looks to be an abandoned warehouse, Bogucharskaia is framed through a sporty and somewhat wild child aspect by Vnuk. Classic elegance and playful street wear are intertwined within one another by Swedish stylist Columbine Smille on the set of Lurve. Kate’s unique characteristics are complimented by the playful fashion, which Smille so cleverly has put together for the generously cheekboned model.

Hair stylist Joseph Pujalte has played with a short fringe and a simple up do which resembles a Japanese hairstyle for the Russian model, whereas make-up artist Hugo Villard has created a natural and pale base for the flawless looker.


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