Twin 10 features the sensual Kati Nescher

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kati-nescher-by-boo-george-for-twin-10-1Captured through a romantic black & white filter, German Kati Nescher is framed by Boo George for the 10th issue of Twin Magazine. Cigarettes, revealing lingerie and a fine glass of whiskey, George’s caption of Nescher oozes tranquility mixed with a sensual steaminess. Graced in arousing textiles such as lace and satin by fashion stylist Caroline Newell, Nescher portrays the perfect balance between elegancy and provocativeness when posing in front a plain wall, accompanied by a simple stool.

Hair stylist Samantha Hillerby has created a raw hair do for Kati, an approach make-up artist Hiromi Ueda also chose to embody when presenting a smoky eye make and heavily faded cheekbones for the German looker.


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