Kendra Spears by Toby Knott for The Edit August 2014

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Kendra Spears blooms in Toby Knott’s story for The Edit August 2014. From a Seattle born model to princess Salwa Aga Khan, the American looker who was discovered by Ford Models after her graduation, has gone royal after tying the knot with Prince Rahim Aga Khan at the end of last year. Luckily for us the now financial independent Spears has chosen to continue with her day-to-day work, meaning we can count on seeing this beauty working the fashion scene at the same paste as before! Featured in the latest issue of The Edit, Kendra is working a dreamy and very so charming set graced with a ton of flowers.

Fashion stylist Maya Zepinic has complimented the florid environment with her presentation of the folk tale trend, a trend, which was one of the dominating styles during the autumn/winter 2014 showings. Top leaguers including Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferreti and Alexander McQueen were all keen on delivering the trend of embroidered patterns and fairy tale colorings. Along with the romantic dresses, Spears or shall we say princess Salwa Aga Khan, is revealing a subtle make created by Sandra Cooke and graceful hair waves signed Karin Bigler.


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