Lara Stone by Erik Torsensson for Industrie Magazine 7

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Lara Stone is captured by Erik Torsensson for Industrie Magazine 7.  Bombshell Lara Stone is pretty much as close to perfection as one can get, revealing her finest features for Torsensson’s lens the story which is named ‘The Accidental Super Model’ presents a striking caption of the looker starring a dark and arresting wardrobe including tailored suits, leather jackets and sparkling blazers put together by Clare Richardson.

Erik’s spread covers both black & white and colored filters and are all shot in a plain studio, leaving Miss Stone as the focus point. Keeping that elegant and softer greyscale in mind, the frames are still revealing a strong color contrast, making Lara’s pale skin tone pop beautifully against the darker background. Once again we witness another impeccable appearance from Lara that feels honest and intimate, exactly what you would expect from a born and bred supermodel!


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