Lindsey Wixson by Nagi Sakai for Vogue Korea July 2014

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Nagi Sakai shoots Lindsey Wixson for his story ‘Cool & Hot’ in the July 2014 issue of Vogue Korea. Throwing in some old school gymnastic props definitely ticks off the ‘cool’ box of this spread and along with the presence of the generously pouted Miss Wixson in skin revealing pieces is most definitely hot, so Sakai we are totally with you when it comes to the spread’s name, makes fully sense!

Now, to stylist Aeri Yun who has put together 9 exciting looks for Lindsey, one different from the other involving remarkable footwear, a simple color scale and extraordinary jewelry. Sakai’s other team member, make-up artist Asami Taguchi has created a dolled-up look for Lindsey, with glossy lips and bright eyelids, keeping it fairly simple. Along with the unique and bold fashion, Sakai does an excellent job with presenting power and independence through out his spread, a vision that is complemented by Lindsey’s undeniable fierceness.


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