Marie Piovesan, in the heart of Marrakech for Numero May 2014

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The French model, Marie Piovesan poses for the fashion photographer Serge Leblon to star in his latest spread for the May 2014 issue of Numeró. Framed among the locals of Marrakech, model Marie is working several looks, one different from the other when lensed in the summer heat. From Givenchy’s dramatic two piece to a more casual Acne Studios look, stylist Samuel Francois has created a handful of styles by combining exciting textures with one another and letting the chosen color scheme speak for itself. The wardrobe’s mainstay would be ‘outlandish’ and ‘exotic’ which goes hand in hand with the Moroccan location.

Hair stylist Tomohiro Ohashi has embodied the ‘modern Tarzan- Jane look’ and has created a more polished ‘good girl’ up do for Miss Piovesan’s flow, an approach which also landed in the hands of make-up artist Christine Corbel who went for a chic and classic look to join the western woman on her African expedition.


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