Ola Rudnicka & Esmeralda Saey-Reynolds for W Magazine September 2014

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Roe Ethridge captures the “sixties sisters” Ola Rudnicka & Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds for W Magazine September 2014. The new sixties are here, with the classic silhouette in mind, fashion stylist Giovanna Battaglia has created a new take on the memorable era through out her creative ways of shaping and coloring. Double-breasted coats are matched with old-school caps and furs are topped off with floppy oversized hats, the story is most definitely filled with retro influences.

Starring the Warsaw born, Rudnicka who’s face has gone worldwide since her recent debut in the modeling industry along with American newcomer Seay-Reynolds, Ethridge’s ‘on location’ story features both black & white and color lensing. Roe who enjoys stepping outside the “typical” fashion frames, has this time gone for a different approach where he instead embraces the object’s normality. With both Ola and Esmeralda being blondies and styled in the same type of way by hair pro Shay Ashual, the lookers almost strikes as sisters when posing alongside one another. A thought that obviously occurred to make-up artist Hiromi Ueda who also went for an identical make for both of them, fulfilling the sisterhood vision.


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Text by Marija Filipova
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