A color oriented Ondria Hardin for Dazed Magazine Summer 2014

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Photographer Drew Jarrett frames the American newcomer Ondria Hardin for the summer 2014 issue of Dazed Magazine. Jarrett who is highly noted for his visionary expertise, has once again brought forward his typical ‘soft, blurred’ filter for the lensing of Miss Hardin. His rare ways of shaping photographs creates a minor retro feel about them, a feel that is only enhanced by the work of stylist Emma Wyman who went for a playful color scale along with unusual pieces for the South Carolina native, Ondria to take on when posing for Dazed Magazine.

Make-up artist Pep Gay didn’t hold back when it came to shaping Hardin’s facial features. With a bright red lipstick and a purple and yellow eye make along with hair stylist Cecilia Romero’s unique hair dos, Hadrin’s looks are taking a futuristic turn, creating the perfect fashion mash-up.


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