Tech Meets Sustainability In The Visionary Mind Of Sinead Bovell

With a passion for technology that aims at pushing sustainability forward, model and entrepreneur, Sinead Bovell, is paving an innovative path. We get her take on the importance of forward-thinking entrepreneurship, defiant optimism, and youth leadership in forging ahead.

Meet the 2021 LVMH Prize Semi-Finalist Bianca Saunders

“My menswear label explores vulnerability while redefining masculinity. Drawing from both my British and West Indian backgrounds, I address the tension between tradition and evolution in designs, which reference classic streetwear and avant-garde couture with equal measure.”

Massimo Giorgetti Talks About Sustainability, and the Art and Music at the Heart of MSGM

“Sustainability is another important goal for our company, which the pandemic has also highlighted as a vital issue. In today’s world it is necessary to respect the environment and understand humanity’s impact, and to pass this respect on to future generations. With that in mind, my legacy would be incomplete without values of sustainability.”