‘Fein China’ by Phil Poynter for Garage #6 Spring/Summer 2014

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Phil Poynter’s interpretation of a pastel colored China is presented through out his story ‘Fein China’ for the Spring/Summer 2014 6th issue of Garage Magazine.

Working the oversized Chinese inspired porcelain are models Rachel Feinstein, Julia Nobis, Esmeralda Seay Reynolds and Nastya Sten. Stylist Katie Grand has brought forward a creative and colorful wardrobe filled with stripes, pastels, patterns and extravagant accessories to take part in Poynter’s fairytale land for Garage.

Creating fun and avant-garde looking hairdos is hair stylist Tamara Mcnaughton whilst make-up artist Ozzy Salvatierra has gone for a pale approach, making the models look almost porcelain doll like, a look which truly compliments photographer Phil Poynter’s creative set.

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