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Codie Young

Height 5'10" / 178 cm
Bust 32" / 81 cm
Waist 24" / 61 cm
Hips 34" / 87 cm
Shoe 9 / 40
Hair Red
Eyes Green

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In Our Time by Christian MacDonald for Vogue UK February 2015

Christian MacDonald shoots Codie Young, Melina Gesto, Irene Hiemstra, Lena Hardt, Misha Hart, Linn Arvidsson, Renee Meijer, Ilvie Wittek & Marie Piovesan for Vogue UK February 2015. Styled by Francesca Burns. Hair by Tina Outen. Make-up by Lynsey Alexander.  

Codie Young for Twin Winter 2014

Rory Payne shoots Codie Young for Twin Magazine Winter 2014. Styled by Verity Parker. Hair by Nao Kawakami. Make-up by Jenny Coombs.  

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda by Daniele & Iango + Luigi for Vogue Germany April 2014

Visionary artists Daniele & Lango + Luigi has revealed some of the most exclusive and breathtaking pieces signed Dolce & Gabbana through out their portrait-like photographs for Vogue Germany. Stylist Patti Wilson has dressed models Steffi Soede, Meghan Collison, Xiao Wen, Sophie Touchet, Holly Rose Emery & Codie Young in idyllic and romantic silhouettes featuring..

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