5 Best Summer Moisturizers

It’s an unofficial beauty rule: As the weather gets hotter, the moisturizers get lighter. Once temperatures start warming up, put away the heavy, cloying moisturizers in favor of more lightweight, weightless formulas.

The 7 Best Spring Candles To Gift

Pack away the cashmere with the mothballs, tuck away the parkas, and maybe consider packing away your fireplace candles? No? Okay, well you can hold onto them. But just in case you want something that goes better with Spring pollen..

Fenty Beauty’s Newest Product Is Summer Perfect

Rihanna likes to surprise everyone, and she’s done it again with a huge, new Fenty Beauty drop. While everyone else in quarantine has been baking sourdough or trying to learn what an NFT is, Rihanna has been working hard on building her Fenty Beauty empire.

Resetting the Mind, Revitalizing the Spirit

These days, dedicating time for self-love is especially vital — a priority that helps create balance in an otherwise hectic world to keep us grounded. Moments of escapism and small albeit meaningful indulgences can make all the difference.