Stef Van Der Laan for Scandinavia S/S/A/W Spring/Summer 2014

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Taking on all sorts of different silhouettes is Dutch model Stef Van Der Laan in photographer Benjamin Vnuk’s sea coasted spread for the Scandinavia S/S/A/W Spring/Summer 2014 issue.

The gorgeous innocent looking Stef Van Der Laan is gracing the pages of Scandinavia wearing electrifying fashion. Stylist Oscar Lange has put together a range of outstanding clothing to be exposed in Vnuk’s editorial, from a playful overdose of sequins to romantic plastic and rougher metal, going from one extreme to another to achieve an unique and artistic vibe.

Make-up artist Anya de Tobon has worked with a brown and pinkish color palette, mainly to enhance Van Der Laan’s already natural plumped out pout and her incredible matching gaze, whilst hairstylist Erika Svedjevik has created two looks suiting for the editorial, one being a sharp wet look while the other is a softer fringed style, both well fitted for Benjamin Vnuk’s creative approach.


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