Tank Magazine reveals a sun kissed Stephanie Hall

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Soothing sea waves and heated sunlight, photographer Ilaria Orsini has given us an insight of the upcoming summer times by capturing Stephanie Hall by the tranquil seaside. Modeling bright colors in a minimalistic aesthetic, the British sweetheart, miss Hall seems harmonious and ever so blessed to get a glimpse of the sought after sun at the set of the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Tank.

Fashion stylist Sara Gilmour has graced Hall in a pair of transparent jelly shoes to go with the white and neat outfits whilst make-up artist Bea Sweet has kept Hall’s facial features to a natural basis, letting Hall’s freckles speak for themselves. Framing Hall in front of the calming ocean beautifully complements photographer Orsini’s white and graceful vision whilst presenting the fresh and clean shapes of tomorrow.

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