Steven Meisel snaps Issa & Bernd for Vogue Italia April 2014

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White and bright, the iconic fashion photographer Steven Meisel has captured the Mexican newcomer Issa Lish and Bernd Sassmanshausen for the cover of the April 2014 issue of Vogue Italia, named ‘Cinematic’. Framed from a bird’s-eye view, models Lish and Sassmanshausen are lensed whilst laying on a white clinker flooring in peaceful poses, where Lish is embracing Bernd’s head. Stylist Karl Templer has graced the models in white sheer clothing, including a white shirt for Bernd and a feminine flower embroiled dress for Miss Lish, welcoming a brighter season.

Adding some shine to Lish’s gorgeous black mane is hair stylist Guido Palau whilst make-up artist Pat McGrath has given Lish distinct eyes and pink toned lips, making Lish’s characteristics resembled to a porcelain doll whereas McGrath has gone for a natural approach for Lish’s male co-star, Bernd.

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