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Kate, Pamela, Anmar, Adam & Chris for Vogue Russia September 2014

Sebastian Kim captures Kate Goodling, Pamela Bernier, Anmari Botha, Adam Butcher & Chris Davis for Vogue Russia September 2014. ‘He’s a dedicated follower of fashion’ The Kinks sings in 1966, maybe a tune Sebastian Kim and fashion stylist Natasha Royt had in the back of their heads when creating this mod inspired story for the latest issue of Vogue Russia, one can only guess! Filled with..

Stef Van Der Laan by Jan Welters for Elle UK April 2014

As the heated season is approaching so are the bare legs, fashion stylist Anne-Marie Curtis has brought forward the freshest summer labeled clothing to grace model Stef Van Der Laan. Studded shorts, gladiator sandals and flared trousers are revealed on Jan Welters’ set when shooting for Elle UK. The 70’s boho chic gone modern rock n rolla look is acted out perfectly..