Kate, Pamela, Anmar, Adam & Chris for Vogue Russia September 2014

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Sebastian Kim captures Kate Goodling, Pamela Bernier, Anmari Botha, Adam Butcher & Chris Davis for Vogue Russia September 2014. ‘He’s a dedicated follower of fashion’ The Kinks sings in 1966, maybe a tune Sebastian Kim and fashion stylist Natasha Royt had in the back of their heads when creating this mod inspired story for the latest issue of Vogue Russia, one can only guess! Filled with short schoolgirl skirts, knee high boots, silk neck scarves, check prints and turtlenecks, the story is revealing the sixties influenced pieces from the A/W 14’s collections.

As for casting, Sebastian Kim has brought together five fresh faces to take on his mod scene, with their recent debut in the fast paced industry, this crowd is killing it and from what we can tell they’re stars in making! Make-up artist Kristi Matamoros has truly embraced the twiggy eye make whilst hair stylist Dennis Devoy went for a Bridgette Bardot looking hair, both fulfilling Sebastian’s sixties inspired vision. Along with a grainy filter and its retro washed out coloring, Kim’s latest caption is definitely one to remember. Thumbs up we say!


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