MIU MIU Fall/Winter 2023

The campaign for the Fall/Winter 2023 collection – Miu Miu Live! – occupies a place between real time and time to come, between transient, democratic spaces in shades of grey an airport? a TV studio? – and the notion of movement everywhere and nowhere. The characters who inhabit this world are both outward- and inward-looking.

Their performance is immediate Live! – one moment, then self-absorbed, even remote, the next. A studied disorientation occurs the familiar is disrupted.
That same disruption is implicit in their wardrobe. Elegant twinsets, knee-length pencil skirts and oversized tailoring in dry, heavyweight wools cover the body
and uncover it.

The normally hidden the waistbands of stockings, signature panties worn without skirts and delicate petticoats is revealed. Spontaneity, languor and ease is veiled physically, in clothing, and emotionally by a sense of mystery, of human beings, self-absorbed and peaceful in isolation, moving from avatar abstraction to intimacy, from foreground to background, open but never giving too much away. The universally recognised the sincere is subverted, looked at in a different way.

A multi-disciplinary cast includes singer-songwriter, Ethel Cain, actors Emma Corrin, Mia Goth and Zhao Jinmai, models Amelia Gray Hamlin and Annabelle Weatherly and model and LGBTQ+ advocate, Zaya Wade.

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