Anna Sui Spring Summer 2024 Collection

Anna Sui unveiled a collection inspired by marine life and oceanic environments. The theme seems timely, with recent focus on changes in global climates and marine ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef. Notably, this summer has been marked by extreme temperatures and significant weather events, such as Hurricane Lee.

Although Sui is known for her extensive research in all her collections, the marine influence in this one was subtle. She derived inspiration from the documentary “My Octopus Teacher” and integrated illustrations of mermaids in her studio. Vintage sea-themed pieces influenced her fabric choices for the collection. The materials showcased a spectrum of colors, had a mother-of-pearl sheen, and featured water-droplet like embellishments. When presented together during the fashion show, the pieces gave the impression of a harmonious marine ecosystem.

Some standout items from the collection included pastel cardigans adorned with fish designs and a T-shirt showcasing a mermaid interacting with a school of fish. For those interested in marine conservation, the program notes provided a link to, an organization that promotes marine-protected areas globally.

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