Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2024

In a display of artistic finesse, Kim Jones showcased his latest Dior Men’s collection for Fall/Winter 2024-2025 in Paris’s 7th arrondissement, specifically at École Militaire. The show was a tribute to both his late uncle, Colin Jones, a ballet dancer turned photographer, whose images chronicled the social history of the second half of the 20th century, and was both rebellious and highly creative. Colin Jones, whose impactful journey from a wartime childhood in London to the Royal Ballet School, and his transition to a self-taught photographer, deeply influenced Jones’ work. This personal connection added a layer of depth and emotion to the collection.

The event was marked by an impressive set design and a collection that seamlessly blended ballet influences with modern tailoring. Jones has a reputation for his imaginative runway designs, and this event was no exception. The show featured a unique circular runway under a starry sky, which started rotating, creating a mesmerizing effect. This setup added a theatrical dimension to the presentation, enhancing the overall experience.

The collection itself was a harmonious fusion of dance and fashion. Drawing inspiration from the ballet world, the ensembles included ballet flats with Dior’s iconic cane work, vibrant knee-high socks, leotard-like knit sweaters with intricate patterns, and tops adorned with shimmering jewels. These elements paid homage to the fluidity and elegance of dance.

True to the legacy of Christian Dior, Jones once again revisited the brand’s classic aesthetic with a contemporary twist. The collection featured fluid jackets and pants, paired with zippered shorts, and suits designed for ease of movement. A blend of materials like leather, wool, and technical fabrics created a delightful juxtaposition between traditional fashion and the dynamism of dance.

A notable highlight was the reinvention of the fanny pack. Dior’s interpretation transformed it from a streetwear staple into a refined accessory. The quilted, iridescent model complemented an elegant shirt and pleated trousers ensemble, showcasing the potential of the belt bag as a sophisticated fashion statement.

Overall, the Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection stood out as a testament to Kim Jones’ ability to meld historical references with contemporary fashion, creating a captivating and innovative experience. The show, dedicated to Colin Jones and his brother Michael, Kim Jones’ late father, was not just a fashion statement but a deeply personal homage.

Dior Men's Fall/Winter 2024

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