ELENAREVA Spring Summer 2024

Designer Olena Reva persists in her narrative of female empowerment, drawing inspiration this season from a formidable and influential symbol in ancient Trypillian culture, the Mother Goddess, for her ELENAREVA collection.

This collection narrates a tale of a divine entity, revered by our forebears, symbolizing the perennial cycle of life and epitomizing unwavering protection. The Great Mother, in ancestral beliefs, was the universal fulcrum, standing resilient against disorder and fostering a reverence for the homeland. Within the ELENAREVA line, interpretations of this hallowed symbol seamlessly transform, merging the nurturing aspects of motherhood and familial guardianship with the distinguished and stringent attributes of a valiant guardian. This equilibrium between the feminine and masculine elements is eloquently elevated in the SS’24 series.

The collection harmoniously juxtaposes structured jackets featuring an off-the-shoulder twist with ethereal dresses crafted from sheer chiffon. The meticulous construction of woolen bustier dresses is paired impeccably with the fluid silhouettes of silk suits. The collection also explores the dichotomies of femininity through the inclusion of expansive palazzo trousers and pronounced corsets and bustiers. However, the distinction in form and ratio is softened with the introduction of delicate dresses adorned with slender straps and floral motifs.

In ELENAREVA, equilibrium is also observed in fabric designs, with prints created in collaboration with artist Lina Nechipolina, drawing inspiration from Trypillian ceramic designs, illustrating the concept of rebirth through cornflower blue floral patterns on a pristine background. Contrasting these feminine patterns are abstract depictions of a bull, an ancient symbol of masculinity and vigor. Historical representations often portrayed the Mother Goddess atop a bull, an allegory for fertility and abundance.

Olena Reva highlights the richness and contemporaneity of Ukrainian traditions, incorporating “plakhta” skirts over ample trousers. The collection pays homage to the continuity in jewelry design through the inclusion of pendants designed to resemble artisanal artifacts of silver jugs and bulls, reminiscent of discoveries by contemporary archaeologists.

Additionally, the SS’24 series saw a collaboration with Ukrainian brand Bagllet, interpreting global trends and redefining the standards of bag production, offering minimalist yet elegant accessories. These bags, with their stringent geometric designs and monochromatic black and beige palettes accompanied by ELENAREVA’s graphic prints, integrate effortlessly with various styles, ranging from sophisticated and sultry to sharp and structural.