From Madrid to Shanghai: LOEWE’s Global Tapestry of Craft

The Shanghai Exhibition Centre is hosting an extraordinary event this Spring 2024: “Crafted World,” a profound exploration of LOEWE‘s illustrious journey from its inception in 1846 as a Madrid-based leather-making collective to its status as a global icon in luxury fashion. Under the curatorial guidance of Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE’s creative director, this exhibition is not just an event but an immersive experience that captures the essence of the brand’s Spanish roots, its unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, and its pivotal moments of innovation and cultural collaboration.

“Crafted World” invites attendees to delve into a narrative that spans nearly two centuries, highlighting the brand’s historic role as an official supplier to the Spanish Royal Crown, its integration into the LVMH family, and the establishment of the LOEWE Foundation. It also touches on significant milestones such as the opening of the first LOEWE store in China and the initiation of the LOEWE Foundation Craft Prize, underscoring the brand’s rejuvenation under Anderson’s vision and its enduring commitment to the art of craft.

This landmark exhibition unfolds across 1,600 square metres, offering an unparalleled interactive exploration of LOEWE’s design philosophy and its fusion of tradition and innovation. Attendees will journey through various realms—from the vibrant streets of Spain to the elegance of Paris runways and into the heart of LOEWE’s creative process—revealed through a series of engaging, interactive rooms. Each space is a testament to the collaborative spirit of craftspeople worldwide, showcasing the intricate work of ribbon-makers from India, tapestry artists from Ecuador, basket-weavers from South Africa, and bamboo weavers from China. “Crafted World” is a celebration of the tactile and the tangible, a tribute to the intricate steps involved in bringing LOEWE’s iconic designs to fruition, and a testament to the joy found in the act of creation.

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