Futurism Meets Fashion: Stella McCartney + Sorayama’s Unisex Capsule

In a remarkable fusion of fashion, art, and sustainability, the Stella McCartney + Sorayama Spring Summer 2024 collection emerges as a testament to creative synergy. This collection marks the second collaboration between renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney and the illustrious Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, both of whom share a deep commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. The capsule, appealing to an environmentally conscious audience, features an exclusive Vitruvian Woman artwork by Sorayama, distinctively blending his signature superrealism with McCartney’s likeness.

Stella McCartney + Sorayama Spring Summer 2024
Stella McCartney + Sorayama Spring Summer 2024

The collection’s launch is spearheaded by the emerging creative talent, Iris Law, symbolizing the bridging of generational creativity and shared values. The collaboration is more than just fashion; it’s a celebration of a longstanding friendship and mutual respect between McCartney and Sorayama, underpinned by their passion for sustainability and the arts.

Sorayama, known globally since 1978 for his Sexy Robot series, brings his unique vision to the collection. His works, celebrated in institutions like MOMA and the Smithsonian, delve into themes of desire and technology, seamlessly integrating with McCartney’s conscious fashion ethos. The collaboration reflects their shared journey in art and friendship, with McCartney recalling her fascination with Sorayama’s work since her time in Paris during the late ’90s.

The capsule itself is a marvel of sustainable fashion. It showcases gender-neutral, ageless designs featuring Sorayama’s artistry on clothing made from 100% conscious materials. The collection includes eye-catching items like varsity jackets from repurposed fabrics, tailored wool pieces, organic cotton denim, and shimmering knitwear. Accessories follow suit, with vegan options like silver strawberry clutches and the iconic Falabella bags, all echoing the collection’s commitment to cruelty-free fashion.

Already previewed at the Stella McCartney Summer 2024 runway show and Shanghai Fashion Week, the capsule celebrates the fusion of British luxury and Japanese artistic brilliance. It also revisits their first collaboration in 2021, which supported charitable causes, reinforcing the duo’s dedication to making a positive impact through fashion.

The Stella McCartney + Sorayama collection is set to release in two phases, the first in December 2023 and the second in January 2024, offering a unique blend of artistic flair and sustainable luxury.

Stella McCartney + Sorayama Spring Summer 2024
Stella McCartney + Sorayama Spring Summer 2024
Stella McCartney + Sorayama Spring Summer 2024

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