Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2024

In the fashion capital of Milan, Giorgio Armani revealed his latest collection to the audience in a grand closing event for the fashion week. To make sure every enthusiast and editor got a glimpse, Armani executed not two but three showcases of his new collection named “Vibes”. The vicinity of Via Borgonuovo was bustling with people eager to see the noteworthy guests arriving at the show.

This collection, displayed against a backdrop of soft waves of color, showcased pieces reminiscent of the late ’20s aesthetic, distinguished by their wave-like designs, all portrayed in distinctive phases with each displaying a gentle transition of lights. The initial phase explored a unique blend of bronze metallic and silk grayish-blue fabrics, with belts of two or three strips of leather harmoniously wrapping around the looks.

In the second phase, Armani incorporated his signature blue with a standout strapless dress featuring woven rectangles of blue. The ensemble was completed with wave bangles, a small crossbody bag, and flat-soled boxing boots—a consistent theme in this collection. Armani, a pioneer in presenting evening wear with flat shoes, maintained his unique approach throughout.

Next, marine green found its way into the collection, appearing in a uniquely designed kimono jacket. The collection also played with darker tones and wave reflections with silky fabrics and showcased intricately embroidered waistcoats in shimmering purples and blues. We saw a glimpse of layered skirts and sheathed pants adorned with subtle crystals, accompanied by handcrafted harnesses and bustiers. It created an aesthetic that seamlessly tied into the entire collection.

The concluding phase unfolded with shades of soft dusky pink, integrated with the preceding color palette, manifesting in collarless jackets and extended tulip skirts, all embellished with art-deco inspired designs. The final piece was a loosely fitted dress paired with a crystal-inset neckline and a sheer floor-length shawl, creating a dramatic presence on the runway. Mr. Armani, receiving a wave of applause, gracefully acknowledged the audience, concluding the show on a high note, truly making it a memorable vibe.

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