Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2024

Prabal Gurung, a New York-based designer, recently showcased his collection at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park on Roosevelt Island. The choice of location was symbolic for Gurung. In 2018, he was part of a “Freedom From Fear” light installation advocating gun control, and he resonates deeply with President Roosevelt’s fundamental human rights principles.

Gurung’s background greatly influenced this collection. Born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, he spent significant time working in New Delhi before relocating to New York. During a visit to India, he reconnected with his roots and memories, with some patterns in the collection inspired by his grandmother’s wallpaper. The designs reflected influences from traditional Nepali and Indian garments. Gurung mentioned the evolving “international power dynamics” and how the integration of eastern influences in western fashion is a testament to that shift.

The collection prominently featured defining silhouettes like power shoulders, gathered waists, and tapered designs. Gurung cited inspirations ranging from ’80s fashion to memories of jewelry worn by his aunts. These personal touches were evident in details like amber drops and oversized earrings crafted for the show. Recognized faces in the fashion industry, such as Anne Vyalitsyna and Tasha Tilberg, walked the ramp, wearing designs that were inspired by traditional garments and modern fashion elements. One notable inclusion was a tank inspired by the angrakha blouse worn by Rajasthani male dancers. The collection presented an array of designs from pleated pieces, like a metallic blue one-shoulder dress, to creations made of sustainable materials such as linen.

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