Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2024 Collection

Today at Phillips Auction House on Park Avenue, Proenza Schouler showcased their latest collection, which subtly integrated a new monogram design. The emblem graced a cashmere sweater and was incorporated into the brass hardware on black loafers. Outside the venue, more monograms were playfully stenciled on the surrounding sidewalks than were seen on the runway itself.

Designers McCollough and Hernandez emphasized continuity from their previous season’s designs. Their approach aimed at refining their signature styles rather than drastically changing directions. They took inspiration from a board of women they had referenced in the previous season, exploring the same concepts within the context of spring.

The collection seamlessly intertwined with the previous one, not just in design but also in presentation. Natalie Laura Mering, professionally known as Weyes Blood, both opened the show and contributed an original composition for the soundtrack. The designs showcased a blend of minimalism with craft-focused details. Standout pieces included jackets tucked into pants, mesh dresses constructed from hand-tacked ribbon, and items featuring “broken glass” embroidery. Proenza Schouler also reintroduced their iconic PS1 handbag, now presented in malleable leather with leather-covered hardware.

In summary, Proenza Schouler’s Spring Summer 2024 collection delved into their brand’s core identity while embracing innovative techniques and materials. The designs reflected a harmonious blend of tradition and forward-looking experimentation.

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