Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2024

The Ralph Lauren Spring 2024 Collection emphasizes individuality and personal style. It showcases combinations of blue and white, such as a striped blazer paired with a mini dress and a printed top with pinstriped pants. The collection also brings a fresh perspective on denim, transforming it into eveningwear. Featured pieces include a denim suit with embroidery and a denim jacket with white feather accents.

Following this, the collection transitions to a bold mix of black and gold, highlighting modern reworks of classic items. Examples include a tuxedo jacket with gold pants and a double-breasted blazer worn over a gold body suit, paired with black pants adorned with black feathers and beadwork.

The concluding segment offers a blend of varied textures and shades, combining sophistication with unique designs. There’s a top made of gold yarn worn under a silk outfit, an emerald top beneath a satin jacket with silk pants of a different print, and a painted leather vest over a wrap dress. Notably, a leather gown finished with intricate patterns and gold fringe stands out, requiring over 800 hours of craftsmanship.

Accessories enhance the collection, including the debut of the RL 888 bag, showcased by Anna Ewers. Other bag variations in navy, emerald, metallics, and denim are introduced. Familiar bags, like the Welington and Ricky, make appearances. The outfits are often contrasted with belts, ranging from preppy designs to rustic styles. Finally, the collection emphasizes bold jewelry, including standout earrings and layered necklaces.

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