Staud Spring Summer 2024

Sarah Staudinger has carved a niche in the fashion realm, leveraging her expansive network to draw in an exclusive audience.

Held in the grandeur of the hotel’s ballroom with a distinct runway, such a presentation might be a stretch for most contemporary American labels in the luxury segment with a more approachable price point. Nevertheless, Staudinger maximized her platform, presenting designs modeled by eminent figures like Vivienne Rohner, Grace Elizabeth, Hari Nef, and Tess McMillan. These designs resonated with a 1990s vibe, characterized by their monochromatic and understated nature. When not draped in shades of dove blue, Klein blue, white, or beige, the models showcased a straightforward white top paired with a nylon circle skirt. This refined style direction might be credited to Danielle Goldberg, the stylist behind renowned figures like the Olsen twins and Olivia Rodrigo.

Some may ponder the need for such an elaborate display for a pared-down collection. However, it’s evident that future fashion enthusiasts will refer to these designs as defining moments in the 2020s’ minimalistic trend.

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