Fashion Model Devyn Garcia Discusses Body Inclusivity And Beauty Standards

“How I Got Here” Series, Episode 1, featuring Devyn Garcia.

Like most people who grow up on or near the beach, plus-size model Devyn Garcia has a natural affinity for the ocean. Swapping her native Miami Beach for the northern shores of New York, she leads us on an afternoon adventure to show us who she is beyond her physical image.

Bursting with effortless authenticity, it’s easy to see why the 21-year-old is so appealing to casting directors. This past February, Garcia was featured in the inclusive campaign for Victoria’s Secret’s Love Cloud Collection.

Despite feeling the pressures of societal ideas and standards of perfect beauty, it’s obvious Devyn can stand the heat with grace and nonchalance. Negative thoughts don’t permeate or slow her down one bit. “I see the industry definitely evolving for all body types, but I feel it’s gonna take a while,” she says. “It’s not going to happen overnight, and I think the way for it to really happen is to see the bigger brands incorporating different sizes into their lines.”

As for her personal style, Devyn is sometimes sporty, sometimes fashionable, but always comfortable.

Director: Olivia Sack
Interview: Alexei Key
Casting, Art Director: Amy Lowles
DP: Johnny Frohman
Editor: Marina Elise
Stylist: Ashly Tsao
Stylist Assitant: Rashied Black
Hair: Anton Alexander
Makeup: Anna Kurihara

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