Elegance as Empowerment: Wes Gordon’s Vision for Carolina Herrera Fall 2024

Under Wes Gordon’s direction, Carolina Herrera‘s Fall 2024 collection makes a bold statement on the intersection of beauty and strength in women’s fashion. In an exclusive interview with The Fashionography, Gordon expressed his design philosophy, “As a designer, my goal is always elegance and beauty, and I’m not ashamed to say that. That’s ultimately what I’m chasing after with everything I make and design. This season, I wanted to celebrate beauty as power, beauty as strength, beauty as resilience. I wanted everything to have a reason for being and to be special. And that is ultimately the foundation of Carolina Herrera.” 

The collection itself is a testament to Gordon’s commitment to this ethos, blending the architectural with the whimsical in a way that’s both modern and respectful of the brand’s heritage. From sleek, ruched black trousers paired with vibrant red turtlenecks to strapless gowns that play with stripes and structure, each piece in the lineup is designed with a purpose. 

This season’s presentation, set against the backdrop of Manhattan, showcased the collection and highlighted the strong, resilient women who inspire Herrera’s designs. With notable attendees like Demi Moore and Carolina Herrera herself, the event reflected the collection’s core message: beauty and strength are not mutually exclusive. Still, they are instead complementary forces in the modern woman’s wardrobe. Through Gordon’s eyes, Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2024 collection emerges as more than just clothing; it’s a narrative of empowerment, elegance, and the enduring beauty of the female spirit.

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